DVD (Digital Video/Versatile Disc)

The full form is Digital Versatile Disk or Digital video disk (DVD) is a digital storage. DVD is used to store music video, games, and multimedia applications. DVD is similar to a Cd in appearance and structure. It offers higher capacity and better quantity as compared to the CD. The storage capacity of DVD is seven times that of a CD i.e. 4.7  GB. A DVD drive is essential to read or write data from or to a DVD.
Digital video Disc, DVD

DVD Drives

DVD drives can read different types of DVD. The back panel of the DVD player has different ports for connecting the DVD drive to the computer. DVD drive uses SATA or IDE interface to connect with the computer accordingly the drive is called IDE or SATA drive. In the case of IDE drive, there is a digital audio connector. Audio connector is the port that is connected to the sound card or motherboard of the computer using the audio cable. The jumper connections configure the DVD as either master drive or slave. In case of SATA drive, you will not find the audio connector and jumper setting.

DVD Drive Specifications

While evaluating a DVD-ROM drive for your PC, you need to check the drive performance specifications i.i speed and determine the type of interface required for the drive to connect the PC.
DVD Drive Speed
DVD-ROM drive can have 2 or 3 speed listed an example of a DVD ROM speed listing is 4x/24x. The first speed refers to the maximum speed at which the data is read from a DVD. The second-speed listing refers to the maximum speed at which the data is read from a CD. The original speed rating for DVD is always different. For a DVD 1x=1352.54 KB/s.

Blu-ray Disc (BD)

Blu-ray is also known as Blu-ray Disc (BD), is the name of a next-generation optical Disc format. BD is developed jointly by Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA). Consumer electronics and media manufacturers.

BD, BDA, Blu-Disc Association

   Blu-ray disc enables you to record up to 25 GB data or up to 2 Hours of high definition video on single sided. Which is also six times the capacity of a DVD. This Disc has a single or double-layer format and uses industry standard MPEG-2 compression technology. A single-layered BD has the capacity to store 25 GB of data and a double click layered BD can store up to 50 GB data. the rewritable Blu-ray disc has data transfer rate of 36 Mbps. For Blu-ray drive 1x==4.5MB/s. Data transfer rate of a BD-ROM is 54.0 Mbytes/s i.e. max

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