Optical Disk Drives For PC

Optical disk Drive (ODD) can read and write data from and to an optical disk. The optical disk is so named as because its technology is based on light. As the disk spins, a laser beam tracks a spiraling trail of pits and lands in the plastic material of the disk. The pits reflect light differently than the lands, while a device translates the reflective difference to bits of “on/off” or 0 and 1. The bits make bytes that carry the digital code of the data stored on the optical disk.

Different optical disk drives are

  •      Cd drive
  •       DVD drive
  •       Blu-ray Drive

CD (Compact Disk)

CD full form is Compact Disk which is a removable storage media. It is also cheap and reliable media. CD is a round disc with a hole in the center that stores data. Compact discs (CD) are optical storage devices used to store and distribute the various form of data such as software, Music, and movies. The 3.5-inch floppy disc store about 1.44 MB of data. This allowed the user to only copy files of small size on the floppy disk. The CD stores more data than the floppy disk. The CD holds up to 700 MB data.  The data stored on a CD can last for a longer period as compared to a floppy disk. A CD drive is required to read or write data from to a CD.
CD, Compact Disk

CD Drives

A CD drive is used to read or write data from or to a CD. The Cd drive spins the CD like a wheel and reads data from the CD using a laser beam. The CD drive speed specifies the size of data the CD drive reads from the CD. This speed is called the transfer speed of the CD drive. The original speed of the CD is 150 kB per second.

The speed of the CD drive is specified using a number followed by the alphabet X. The number specifies the number of times the original speed of CD drive must be multiplied with, to attain the speed of CD drive.
For example, if the speed of the CD drive is specified as 52X, then the transfer speed is 52 x 150 = 93,600 KBps.
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