What is Ram

RAM stands for Random Access Memory, RAM is the main memory of the computer. it stores the data until the system is turned off. Once the computer is switched off, the data is lost. As a result, it is known as the temporary memory data storage area. There are two types of RAM. 

Types of RAM

  • Static RAM 
  • Dynamic RAM

Static RAM

SRAM is a type of semiconductor memory. It stores the data as long as the power supplied to the system. Once the power is turned off, the data store in SRAM is lost. SRAM uses six transistors for each memory cell. Due to a greater number of transistors present in the cell, the cells do not refresh frequently, hence, the data stored for longer period. Refreshing a cell means re-writing data in the cell.
                                                              SRAM is faster in accessing data. The data accessing speed of SRAM makes it behave like cache memory. SRAM is expensive as compared to DRAM
Ex-All types of cache memory

Dynamic Random-Access Memory

The existence of the data in DRAM is very short. It is approximately for four milliseconds. The data in dynamic RAM are stored in memory cells. Each memory cells contains a pair of transistors and a capacitor. Each memory cell is represented as a bit of data, the smallest amount of information that the computer can work with. The memory cells of DRAM are refreshed by the DRAM controller in every few milliseconds to retain the data in the memory.

The cells in DRAM are arranged in rows and column. Each cell has a row and column reference number. DRAM accesses the data using the reference number. DRAM is less expensive than SRAM. 

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