The printer is a device that prints text documents and images on paper means convert a soft copy to a hard copy. It is a peripheral output device. It prints data that is processed by the computer.

Printers are broadly classified into 2 types.
  Ø  Impact printer
  Ø  Non-impact printer

Impact printer

Impact printers are used for printing documents as well as graphics printing. The working of impact printers is very similar to that of the typewriter. In Impact printers, a physical contact is established between print head, ribbon cartridge and media (paper). This impact produces results i.e printing on paper under the ink ribbon.
Ex- Dot Matrix Printer

·         Dot Matrix Printer

      Dot matrix printer uses a number of metal pins on the electromagnet print head to create tiny dots. An ink-washed ribbon is placed between the paper and the print head. The print head collides against the ribbon with considerable force. The impact of giving an impression of text on the paper. Due to this, Dot Matrix Printers are noisy. There are two type of DMP depending upon its size

i)        80 column DMP 
ii)       132 column DMP   

Non-Impact Printers

The non-impact printers are characterized by a noiseless operation as physical interaction is not established between print head, Cartridge and media (paper).
Ex- Inkjet, laser, Thermal

Inkjet printers

An inkjet printer places very tiny amounts of electrically charged ink on paper to create images or text. The drops of in are sprayed through a series of nozzles. These drops are generally around 0.6 microns in diameter and are positioned with very high accuracy. Inkjet printers available in both color as well as monochrome cartridges. This type of printer provides high-class printing but the cost of printing is very expensive. This printer is connected through parallel (LPT) or USB port or cab connected wirelessly to the system.

Laser Printer

 The laser printer uses a beam of laser for the performs of printing. The laser printer performs on the principle of static electricity. the electric charge that collected in an insulated object is termed as static electricity. Objects that have oppositely charged fields of electricity are attracted to each other. This happens in the same manners as oppositely charged atoms are attracted to each other. The laser printer uses this method to combine ink powder and paper.

Thermal Printer

 The thermal printer uses heated pins to burn images onto heat sensitive paper. These types of printers are mainly used in calculators and fax machines. Since they are inexpensive printers but they print slowly and create relatively low-resolution print jobs.

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