Why Everyone Migrating From MBR to GPT

What is MBR?

It is at the start of a hard drive, working as a special boot sector which comprises a boot loader for your installed Windows and information recording logical partitions of the hard drive. The boot loader holds a tiny piece of code that will load another larger loader from the additional partition on the drive. When Windows is installed on the disk, the initial bit of the system boot loader is located here. Thus, sometimes you might need to rebuild MBR when it’s damaged or Windows cannot boot.

MBR partition table plot saves partition info on the first sector of the disc drive. The entry for each partition is 16 bytes and the total is 64bytes, thus the highest entries MBR partition table can store is four. That’s to say MBR partitioning can have up to 4 partitions. But a lot of users are unhappy with 4 partitions and would like to make additional partitions. To remove this restriction, extended partition is released. Users can make multiples logical partitions in an extended partition

What is GPT?

GPT is brief for GUID Partition Table that is just another disk kind and it’s the most recent standard for the design of the partition of a hard disk drive. GPT uses globally unique identifiers (GUID) to specify the partition. As part of this UEFI standard, it’s used to substitute MBR that uses 32 bits to keep logical block addresses (LBA) and dimension data on a classic 512-byte disc sector. GPT adopts backup and primary partition arrangements that locate at the start and also the end of the disc to offer redundancy. Like conventional MBR, GPT also utilizes logical block address (LBA) as opposed to comparative sectors to recognize those structures. In the very start of GPT partition, there’s Protective MBR that’s utilized to stop disk tools not encouraging GPT discs from identifying the disc by error and damaging the disc info

Advantages of GPT Partition over MBR Partition

  • GPT can do Infinite no. of partitions while MBR can do maximum 4.
  • GPT has a Cyclic Redundancy Check which it uses to decide whether the data has been reformed and create means by which you can return the same to its original form.
  • Here isn’t any risk of data loss or harm when using GPT since it has more than one storage places on the same drive as well as backups. It means that no matter what happens or even data loss, you quickly reestablish your information from the backup.
  • Compared with MBR disk, a GPT disk supports larger than 2 TB volumes while MBR supports up to 2 TB hard disk.

Compatibility Mode

Normally, MBR and BIOS (MBR + BIOS), and GPT and UEFI (GPT + UEFI) go together. This is mandatory for a few systems (eg. Windows), while optional for others (eg. Linux). If a Windows computer which uses UEFI, it is only going to support GPT.
As a way to boot Windows from GPT, you ought to do two different things. First, ensure that your PC is booted in UEFI style. Secondly, ensure the motherboard of this system supports UEFI. Otherwise, it’s much better to use MBR to boot up from. Thus, when you receive”The Selected Disc is of the GPT Partition Style” mistake in Windows 10/8/7 or other previous Windows versions, please check whether your PC is booted in UEFI mode. If no, please take action.
Steps to boot to UEFI style
1. Reboot PC and input BIOS.
2. Empower UEFI boot > Save settings and exit BIOS.
3. Proceed to install Windows

Converting MBR to GPT

If you want to convert from MBR to GPT, there are two way to convert it i.e one is the clean format of the hard disk & second one is by using third-party application software without losing the computer data.

Convert to GPT using Diskpart

  • Press Win + R to open Run dialogue> Type: cmd and press Enter to open Command Prompt.
  • Type: diskpart and smash Enter to open DiskPart window.
  • Type: list disk and hit Enter.
  • Type: select disk 1 (Replace 1 with the drive letter or your disk that you want to change it to GPT.)
  • Type: convert GPT and press Enter. Let the program to do the disk conversion job and then there you’ll get wanted partition table in your disk.
  • Type: exit to finish the task.

Converting to GPT using Third-party application

     There are no. of third-party application which provides conversion of MBR to GPT & vice-versa. They are 
  1. AOMEI Partition Assistant,
  2.  EaseUs Free partition software,
  3.   mini-tool etc.

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)

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